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Thursday, 09 Jul 2020

Desktop Computing

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* * IdeaCentre
The latest in desktop design. Ideal for everyday computing or Full HD entertainment. The style and clutter-free simplicity of a television. A perfect fit anywhere in your home. Ideal for the home office, too.
* * ThinkCentre
For businesses that need industry-leading technology and outstanding value. Available in SFF and tower form factors.
* * ThinkStation
Lenovo's flagship performance machine, ThinkStation® is exceptionally engineered for professional users of graphically and computationally intensive applications who require a level of performance unattainable with a standard desktop computer.
* * Value Line Desktops
Performance meets style in Lenovo value line desktops, with smart features designed to make your everyday computing easy and worry-free.

Solutions for the Home or Small Business

Not sure whether you need a desktop or a workstation? Ask the MBC Team to recommend a product that meets your specific needs and IT lifestyle.

Desktop or  Workstation?.

These terms are usually interchanged. However, a desktop is a term used to refer to any computer that can fit on a desk or table and can be used for any purpose including internet browsing, media, gaming. Workstations are optimized for a few and different features customized to the end-user environment.

Workstations tend to be more adaptable for high-performance functions such as:

  • MCAD (Mechanical Computer Aided Design), CAE (Computer Aided Engineering), and ECAD (Electronics Computer Aided Design) 
  •  Digital Content Creation – animators, graphic artists, video, architecture 
  •  Power office Users who require multifunctionality, database manipulation and advanced collaboration 
  •  Financial Sector users who require ability to handle multiple transactions and quad-monitor support

Workstations tend to have:

  • Increased processing power 
  • Robust memory capability 
  • High Disk speeds 
  • Specialized applications 
  • Expandability
  • High end graphics
  • Increased number of ports


These are an essential and normal component of most homes and small businesses. Desktop features can be streamlined to meet end-user specific needs, such as for an avid gamer, digital media enthusiasts and the ever-productive home office worker.

Considerations for your new desktop:

  • PC vs Mac
  • Operating System: OS Lion vs Windows vs Linux
  • Format: Tower vs All in One vs Small Form factor
  • Processor type and memory
  • Integrated graphics vs 3D Graphics
  • Video in/out
  • Audio in/out
  • Hard drives vs optical drives vs networked storage
  • Wired or Wireless Peripherals: dual display monitors, keyboards, mouse, external speakers, printers and other imaging devices
  • Warranty: 1 year industry vs additional service contract
  • Virus protection, spyware, adware

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