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Thursday, 09 Jul 2020

Company Profile

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Memory Bank Computers (MBC) is a medium-sized Caribbean-based company focused primarily on providing IT hardware, software and complete solutions to corporations and individuals.


MBC was founded in 1984 with the objective of meeting the growing technology needs of the corporate and consumer markets in Trinidad & Tobago. At that time, the founders of MBC recognised the potential of information technology to transform business practices, and indeed, impact on daily lifestyle.

Since 1984, computer systems have changed our world rapidly and in ways unimagined, after the inception of the world wide web. MBC has both witnessed and actively participated in the evolution of information systems that are now available locally and as a result, has become one of the leading IT providers in Trinidad and Tobago.

MBC is committed to providing an excellence of customer service as well as providing access to the latest technology solutions. MBC's aim is to increase our clients' business efficiency and return on investment.

MBC's Core Values are

In 2006, MBC was rebranded from Memory Bank Computers to MBC solutions with a new corporate logo. Like any other 22-year old, the company felt the need to redefine what it stood for.

The new MBC logo symbolizes both the traditional ideals that the company is founded on, such as excellence of customer service, as well as the company's future which is rooted in the vibrant ideas and visionary ambitions of young staff.

MBC considers itself an integral feature of the IT landscape in Trinidad and Tobago. The company intends to honor its commitment to excellence of IT solutions and customer service now and for years to come.